Saturday, March 31, 2007

Get Active This Weekend in OC!

If you're in need of some good actions to get involved in this weekend...
Well, here it is! If you're looking for progressive action to take in Orange County, look no further than here! Today, we have Barack Obama's "Hope. Action. Change." community gatherings throughout OC... Again, here's a great chance to get involved and make a difference in this Presidential Campaign! Also today, YOU have a chance to TELL ME whatever you want about what you think is the best solution to Bush's Blunder in Iraq.

Oh yes, and we've got EVEN MORE happening tomorrow! Why don't you join me after the flip to see what's happening in your neck of the woods...


Barack Obama Community Gatherings

Basically, we'll be talking about ways for us to get involved with the campaign. As LOCAL volunteer grassroots activists, we have a unique chance to reach out to our family, friends, and neighbors in our community. Now that we California Democrats will be picking our nominee in February, we have a great opportunity to reach out to our fellow Democrats, and let them know that THEIR VOTES MATTER.

The event is TODAY at 12:30 at the Sea Country Community Center in Laguna Niguel. For more info on today's event, GO HERE.

And oh yes, if you can't make it to Laguna Niguel on Saturday, then PLEASE drop by any of these other OC for Obama community gatherings:

Santa Ana at 2:00 PM

Huntington Beach at 2:00 PM

Irvine at 12:45 PM

Orange at 2:00 PM

Fullerton at 8:00 PM

Buena Park at 2:00 PM

Aliso Viejo at 12:00 PM

San Clemente at 12:30 PM

OC Democrats Talk About the Iraq War

The Laguna Woods Democratic Club wants to give Orange County Democrats a chance to tell their representatives to the state party how they feel about ending the Iraq War. On March 31, the club will be hosting Defining the New Direction: Orange County Democrats Voice Their Views on the War in Iraq. This will give Democrats from throughout Orange County a chance to talk to the delegates who will be representing them at the CDP Convention next month about how, when, and why they want to see the Iraq War end. As the delegates prepare to vote on resolutions regarding the war, this is a chance for local Democrats to tell the delegates what they think.

From OC Democrat Weekly, Orange County's e-Newsletter for Democrats and source for progressive action:

Saturday, March 31, 2pm, Laguna Woods: Orange County Democrats are invited to attend a forum on the Iraq War presented by the Laguna Woods Democratic Club, Richard Lara (State Delegate representing the 67th Assembly District), and other California delegates. The event is Saturday, March 31, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., in Clubhouse One, main dining room. Theme of the forum is "Defining the New Direction: Orange County Democrats Voice Their Views on the War in Iraq." A keynote speaker, to be announced, and delegates to the April 2007 Democratic State Convention will be attending in order to listen to audience participants and respond in a town hall meeting. All Club members and residents of Laguna Woods Village are invited to attend, as are Orange County Democrats and other interested people. For more information, contact Richard Lara, 714-369-5647/, or Linda Nearing, 949-460-0640/ .

This event is TODAY at 2:00 PM at Laguna Woods Village Clubhouse #1. For more info on this event, GO HERE.


Ethical Consumption: Saving the World While You Shop

Every time we spend money, we tell the world a little about ourselves. What are we saying when we buy a shirt that was made by a 12 year old girl working in harsh conditions for virtually no money? Are we comfortable purchasing a household appliance from a retailer that cheats its employees and uses prejudicial hiring practices? Is it O.K. that buying a wrench from Multi-Mega corporation helps run our neighbor Bob's 4th generation hardware store out of business? Join us as we learn how to say "I care deeply about this planet and everything on it" every time we buy something. Join us for this enlightening talk which gives practical helps on finding the right companies to do business with at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Costa Mesa.

The event is tomorrow at 1:30 PM in Costa Mesa.

Support Tim Steed for CYD Chair!

This is a reception in support of Tim Steed for Chair of California Young Democrats at Alicia's home in Orange tomorrow at 3:00 PM.

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