Friday, March 09, 2007

Today's Wild and Wonderful OC Roundup

Here are some wild and wonderful Orange County stories that you have to see to believe:

- Is Brea Turning Up Its Nose to Walgreens? Is Brea being "hostile to property rights", as Jubal/Matt Cunningham suggests at OC Blog?

I saw that a bankruptcy judge sided with Brea and against bankrupt Tower Records' attempt to lease their 30,000 square foot space to Walgreens:

"There are a lot of places in our city where a Walgreens would be great," O'Donnell said. "But not in an entertainment/restaurant district."

A drugstore? tawdry! People with illnesses picking up prescriptions! Can't possibly have that across the street from the multiplex!

Have we come to this? Local government inserting itself into the free marketplace to the extent of deciding where it is and isn't appropriate to put a drugstore?

I really don't know. I'll leave that judgment call to you.

- Who's Breaking the Law Now?. The Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals faults the Orange County Sheriff's Department in its detention of an inmate who was cuffed to a hospital bed. The OC Register has more.

- Hmmm... Should I Feel Sorry for My Reps. in Sacto? Brian Joseph is reporting in today's Register that state legislators don't get as good health care and pension benefits (in fact, legislators get NO pensions) as their staffers. Still, I don't know if I feel sorry for them quite yet... Especially when former State Sen. (now Congressman) John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) still refuses to pay back the $14,000 he lost the state by having the state buy him a yellow Mustang Saleen!

And finally...

- Gingrich (Finally!!) Says He's a Cheater! OK, so this is not a purely Orange County story... But still, Dan Chmielewski has something to say about it at The Liberal OC. : )

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