Thursday, March 22, 2007

OC Democrats Talk About the War

What do you have to say to YOUR Democratic Party about ending the Iraq War?

The Laguna Woods Democratic Club wants to give Orange County Democrats a chance to tell their representatives to the state party how they feel about ending the Iraq War. On March 31, the club will be hosting Defining the New Direction: Orange County Democrats Voice Their Views on the War in Iraq. This will give Democrats from throughout Orange County a chance to talk to the delegates who will be representing them at the CDP Convention next month about how, when, and why they want to see the Iraq War end. As the delegates prepare to vote on resolutions regarding the war, this is a chance for local Democrats to tell the delegates what they think.

Follow me down below for all the details on this important forum...

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From OC Democrat Weekly, Orange County's e-Newsletter for Democrats and source for progressive action:

Saturday, March 31, 2pm, Laguna Woods: Orange County Democrats are invited to attend a forum on the Iraq War presented by the Laguna Woods Democratic Club, Richard Lara (State Delegate representing the 67th Assembly District), and other California delegates. The event is Saturday, March 31, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., in Clubhouse One, main dining room. Theme of the forum is "Defining the New Direction: Orange County Democrats Voice Their Views on the War in Iraq." A keynote speaker, to be announced, and delegates to the April 2007 Democratic State Convention will be attending in order to listen to audience participants and respond in a town hall meeting. All Club members and residents of Laguna Woods Village are invited to attend, as are Orange County Democrats and other interested people. For more information, contact Richard Lara, 714-369-5647/, or Linda Nearing, 949-460-0640/ .

If you're in OC, then please come to Laguna Woods, and join us as we talk about how we want to end the war...
And what we want our California Democratic Party to do about ending the war.

24232 Calle Aragon
Laguna Woods, CA
When: 02:00 PM
Saturday, March 31

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