Thursday, March 22, 2007

Minuteman Follies!

The power struggle “has absolutely stalled the movement from coast to coast,” Gilchrist said.

That is, Jim Gilchrist said it to an Orange County judge as he sues to retake sole control over Minuteman, Inc. So what exactly happened in court yesterday? Follow me down below for more...

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From The OC Register:

An effort by Minuteman Project co-founder Jim Gilchrist to regain authority over the group Wednesday prompted a Superior Court judge to encourage the bickering sides to work out their differences.

But Gilchrist called the differences among the leaders of the illegal-immigration opponent group “irreconcilable.” Judge Randell Wilkinson is expected to rule within a week on whether control should be returned to the Aliso Viejo resident until a full trial takes place later this year. He also indicated the possibility of placing the group in a neutral receivership until that time.

So what has this racist, anti-immigrant "movement" been stalled over? Oh, that's right- Gilchrist thinks he's the sole member of The Minuteman Project's board of directors, and that the other three directors were simply "advisors" with no real decision-making power.

So what do the other "directors" think about Gilchrist and his claims of sole control over Minuteman, Inc.? The Register has more:

The three directors being sued by Gilchrist said they tried unsuccessfully to get him to address concerns in December, and after his removal still tried to make the peace with him.

“I pleaded with him,” said one director, Huntington Beach's Barbara Coe, founder of the long-standing California Coalition for Immigration Reform.

The three directors said they were still open to reaching an agreement with Gilchrist. But he made it clear such a deal wasn't going to happen, especially since a lawyer for the three has contacted two federal agencies to alert them to possible wrongdoing.

Yes, you heard it right... The Wicked Witch of the West pleaded with him! It's just too bad that all those secret bank accounts, missing funds, sloppy accounting, and donations that had been collected without the full board's knowledge got in the way. And oh yeah, I'm sure that the bounced checks didn't help either.

The judge is expected to rule within a week on whether Gilchrist can retake sole control over Minuteman, Inc. However, I just have a strange feeling that this trial won't quite end the feud. Can anyone say, "APPEAL"? Still, this would be so sad... If it weren't so DAMN HILARIOUS that these gawd awful racists are destroying their own empire of hate! So who's getting the last laugh now?

hehe ; )

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