Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Please Join Me in Giving Mitt Romney a Message This Friday

I'll be here on Friday to track down Mitt Romney as he hits up the big Orange County Republican donors for money. So how about you? It would be great if we had a Southern California group that tracks down these Presidential hopefuls as they visit the super-rich donors and spend time with them, and it would be even BETTER if this group were to ask these candidates why they don't talk to all the rest of us about their plan to get out of Iraq, or about their plan to provide health care coverage to the 47 MILLION PEOPLE in this nation who have none, or simply why they spend all this time with a select few when ALL OF US plan to be voting next February as well...

So why don't we start one ourselves? Can you join me in sending a message to ALL THE CANDIDATES that they need to pay attention to ALL THE VOTERS in California? And can we especially send a message to these GOP candidates visiting our fine state that we won't support ANYONE next year who plans to continue this war in Iraq? We the people need to step up and make our voices heard, and I hope you can join me on Friday when we try to do precisely that.

I'd like for all of us to meet earlier in the afternoon to prepare to confront Romney. Do any of you in the Dana Point/Laguna Niguel area have any suggestions of nearby areas to meet up? I'd love for us to meet up beforehand, and finalize our plan of attack as we specifically confront Romney about his "kaleidoscopic view" of the war that he supports when it suits his purpose, yet refuses to send his own family members to fight in. I look forward to meeting up with many of you on Friday as we send a "very special message" to Mitt.

So can I count on you progressive activists in Southern California to join me at the St. Regis Resort on Friday to give this message to Mitt?

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