Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Gwen Stefani: Symbol of Illegal Immigration?

Believe it or not, some in Costa Mesa consider this woman to be dangerous, as she is "aiding and abetting illegal aliens" in the United States. Why, you ask?

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Yesterday, Claudio Gallegos posted this at Orange Juice...
And I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it:

So I am in Costa Mesa with my son yesterday for the free train rides at Fairview Park.(He loves to ride the train there when it is open to the public every third weekend of every month.) As we were getting ready to leave there were some people who appeared to be Hispanic in the parking lot playing their music rather loud.

A lady passing by me said to the person with her, "This is why we need to close our borders, all these illegal aliens go around playing their Tijuana style circus music." I decided to listen more carefully to what the music. To my suprise the music was not by Los Tigres Del Norte or Jenny Rivera, the music was Sweet Escape by OC's very own Gwen Stefani. I decided I would actually quiz this lady on how she was able to determine they were illegal immigrants(I thought she might have the same mutant power as Allan Bartlett [of Powder Blue Report infamy] to immediately detect illegal immigrants just by looking at them).

I asked her how she came to that determination. She told me to just "Look at them and it was obvious. Only illegals play their music as loud as they can." I then told her the music was not Spanish, but by American and Orange County singing sensation Gwen Stefani. The lady then said "You see, they are still listening to someone with a Spanish surname and is clearly influenced by Tijuana style music." Seeing that this woman was as ignorant as can be I told her she truly was ignorant and thanked her for proving that most in the anti-immigrant faction are truly driven by their prejudice of all Latinos regardless of immigration status.

Yep, now we know that things have gone SERIOUSLY WRONG in Costa Mesa! When the majority of the city council allows a Neo-Nazi to control the city's agenda, and when these local politicians use outright racism to advance their political agenda, we should know that there are serious problems in this town. But when a few nitwits make truly ridiculous claims about "Tijuana style music", then one must wonder what the heck is happening in that town.

Ah, all those poor people in Costa Mesa... When will their town "return to reason"? When will we know that they're cool?

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