Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oh, no! The Liberal OC Sold Out to the GOP Machine!

OH. MY. GAWD. Mike Lawson just sold The Liberal OC to Red County/OC Blog! Yes, you heard me right... The Liberal OC sold out to the GOP Machine! Say goodbye to whatever bit of progressive action that we had in Orange County, as it has been co-opted by the vast right-wing conspiracy.

Look at this press release that Mike Lawson just sent me:



Both publisher and liberal bloggers excited about new venture

TUSTIN, CA -- The nation is polarized into two very clear groups: Republicans and Democrats.It is nice to know that in the Orange County political blogosphere, that is not the case.

This morning, readers of the only political blog in Orange County to focus solely on progressivepolitics has, undergone a change. has joined Red County magazine. Aftertalks that have taken well over a month, Red County magazine (http://www.redcounty...) has acquired The Liberal OC blog (http://www.thelibera...).

Red County magazine is a new brand from Partisan Media Group. It is old world meets new as Red County combines the tradition of print media with the speed of online media. It's the timelessness of an upscale bi-monthly magazine combined with the timeliness of daily online blogs.

Red County has so far targeted center-right readers on topics that impact their lives. With the addition of The Liberal OC, which will now be called The Blue Minority, Orange County readers will have the opportunity to see local politics through two lenses: the conservative one,and the liberal one.

Mike Lawson, who founded The Liberal OC blog in April 2006 will continue as the lead memberof The Blue Minority blogpen. He is joined by all of the familiar names: Chris Prevatt, SusanFreeze, Mikey Love, Dan Chmielewski, Ed Velazquez, Gila Jones, and the newest addition,Political Science Professor from Chapman University Fred Smoller.

Red County magazine is direct-mailed to nearly 50,000 Orange County households, hand-selected for their political views, affluence and residence within Orange County. The magazinelaunched in early December 2006.

For advertising opportunities or subscription information, please

  ### is already under the control of The OC Blog family. Visit the site to see thenewest OC Blog design.

I mean, isn't this horrendous? I... I...

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! You peeps are worthless. I announce my renunciation of the Democrat Party now, and I have no other choice but to join the Republicans! Why should I be part of some co-opted, worthless minority... When I can be part of the MAJORITY?! Yes, I've had it with you libs. I can't take any more of all this nonsense that you commie-loving, terrorist-sympathizing, San Francisco Sodomite pinkos any longer! If my good friend Mike Lawson can sell out, then so can I! I'm joining Jubal/Matt Cunningham and the GOP consultants in the good fight for free markets and free choice (unless, of course, you choose to be a homosexual or allow women equal rights... Remember that freedom isn't free.)

I've had it. I'm leaving to join the force of godliness, and of family values, and of the true spirit of our GREAT LEADER RONALD REAGAN! OC Republican Party, here I come!


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