Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Today's Wild and Wonderful OC Roundup

Here are today's wild and wonderful Orange County stories that you just have to see to believe:

- Confessions of a Westside Improver. Claudio Gallegos gets down to the bottom of neo-Nazi Martin Millard and his looming influence over Costa Mesa politics at Orange Juice.

- Anaheim's Disney Dilemma... Now in Court! The Plaintiff: Disney, who insists that housing in the resort district would not fit in with the hotels and tourist venues planned for the area. The Defendant: The City of Anaheim, who insists that the city has the right to determine what fits in the resort district... And now, residential developer SunCal wants to help pay Anaheim's legal fees. Stay tuned as the Disney Dilemma erupts in court!

- No Longer Lost in Translation. The City of Santa Ana is finally giving its 45% of primarily Spanish-speaking residents a chance to better participate in city council meetings by offering simultaneous translation of its City Council meetings in Spanish. Es muy bien, porque mas personas en Santa Ana pueden participar en los negocios de su ciudad. : )

And finally...

- Curt. It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words... So I guess it shouldn't surprise me that Mike Lawson's one picture at The Liberal OC says more about the wild and crazy special election fallout than all of my updates combined. Way to go, Mike, you artistic genius. ; )

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