Wednesday, March 07, 2007

OC Special Election UPDATE: Judge Denies Team Trung's Request for ROV Docs

This just in from Total Buzz:

A win for Registrar of Voters today...just got back from court, where Judge Michael Brenner denied a motion from Team Trung to see 178,385 documents from the First District election.

Brenner said it appeared that the subpoenas covered "everything having to do with this election," that the suit sought "another recount," and he didn't want to start over. "I have difficulty with the idea that that would be appropriate," he said. Brenner sided with Deputy County Counsel Leon Page's argument that Team Trung had already seen those documents twice -- during the recount and during ballot challenge periods.

Today's action is also, of course, a win for Janet Nguyen's team, as the decision certainly limits what Team Trung can do during the trial.

So at least, the judge is not buying into Team Trung's flimsy case...
Let's just hope that this just hastens the end of this increasingly ridiculously long special election.

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