Sunday, March 11, 2007

2007 CDP Convention: Can I Count on YOU to Save Trestles?

Yes, you heard me right... WE NEED YOUR HELP! Most likely, Democratic State Central Committee Delegates will be voting a resolution opposing the extension of the 241 Toll Road through San Onofre to Trestles (similar to the one that the OC Democratic Party approved) at the State Convention in San Diego next month. We know that we're fighting for a good cause in saving Trestles for future generations to enjoy and to cherish. However, THAT WON'T STOP TCA AND ITS BIG MONEY FRIENDS FROM TRYING TO STOP CALIFORNIA'S DEMOCRATS FROM SPEAKING OUT AGAINST THIS BOONDOGGLE!!!!

Unfortunately, TCA has been able to "convince" the LA/OC Building & Construction Trades Council into supporting the 241 Extension to Trestles by promising them "good, union jobs". In turn, some (BUT NOT ALL!) of the unions are not only supporting the 241 Extension to Trestles, but they are also doing TCA's dirty work in trying to silence the Democratic Party on this issue. And yes, I just have a terrible feeling that some of the unions will try to silence the state party into doing nothing as Trestles is ruined forever...

THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP! Follow me after the flip to find all the resources you'll need to get informed as a delegate voting on this important issue. And if you're not a delegate yourself, but you have family and friends who are, PLEASE FORWARD THIS INFORMATION TO THEM!!

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First off, we have Alex Brant-Zawadzki's excellent series on the 241 Extension over at OC Weekly's blog, The Blotter. Please read it, and see for yourself why this toll road truly is good for nothing.

And oh yes, if you want to stay right here at Calitics, then here's a recap of my own "Speeding Our Way to Trestles" series. Please go ahead and check them out for yourself:

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And finally, if you'd like to get active in saving San Onofre State Park and Trestles beach for all to enjoy, or just hear directly from local environmental activists about what's happening in their own backyard, then please check out these fine organizations:

- Save San Onofre

- Save Trestles

- Save Trestles Blog

Thanks to all of you for all your help and concern. If you have any more questions about the 241, Trestles, and/or the resolution, please email me at I'll respond as soon as I can, and if I cannot answer your question myself, then I'll be sure to forward it to someone who can.

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