Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OCTA Whitewashes Its Own 241 Studies

I guess OCTA is desperate to remain in good graces with TCA. I just wanted to regurgitate my dinner when I saw this:

OCTA announced their continued support of Foothill-South last week with this letter from Chairwoman Carolyn Cavecche to Foothill-Eastern Chair Jim Thor. A key quote from the letter: "In short, construction of the Foothill-South would provide congestion relief to the I-5 in south Orange County."

Foothill-South opponents claim that providing an alternative to I-5 won't relieve traffic (huh?) and have hung their hat on the fact that OCTA's traffic forecasts and TCA's traffic forecasts weren't identical. As this memo makes clear, both OCTA's and TCA's forecasts predict similar traffic volume and congestion levels on I-5.

So does OCTA really think they are doing their job in making our travels around the county easier by covering up THEIR OWN REPORTS that cast doubt on TCA's rosy predictions of "traffic relief" with the completion of the 241 Extension to Trestles. So I guess it doesn't matter that South County really wouldn't get ANY REAL TRAFFIC RELIEF from this ridiculous waste of a project. So long as TCA gets to waste more taxpayer money on their boondoggle, OCTA's OK with it.

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