Saturday, March 03, 2007

Surreal OC Weekend!: Special Psycho Wingnut Edition!

OK, so it's my birthday today...
And I still have so many things to do...
So here's a new weekend tradition that I'm starting here...
Yes, I'm starting it just for you!

So here are some gruesome stories from Wingnut Freeperland that you may have missed while you were, I dunno, discussing the rural/urban divide over transportation bond money, or getting giddy about Mark Leno announcing his bid for State Senate. But anyways, enough of that 'cuz it's time for some good ol' fashioned Orange County fun!

- "Look at me, I'm a wingnut!" Just when I was beginning to tolerate Chuck DeVore, he just had to find a way to make me hate him again! Chucky is now boasting about how "conservative" he is, and how he proudly stands against "homosexual 'rights'" and the use of "the power of government to force a radical social agenda on the rest of us". So Brian and all you SFers, it looks like DeVore is saying that folks like Mark Leno use "the power of government to force a radical social agenda on the rest of us"... What say you?

- Look at you, you're a BIGOT! Well, I can tell you what Dan Chmielewski has to say about his Assemblymember at The Liberal OC:

If the quotes over the word “rights” just stopped you cold, its exactly the way Chuck wrote them. We’ve debated this before on OCBlog, but Chuck believes marriage is between a man and a woman for purposes of having children and raising families (then we should outlaw new marriages for anyone past child-rearing years right?).

I believe that the 9th amendment of the Constitution gives to the people all the rights not defined in the Constitution and that the 14th amendment’s equal protection clause, coupled with laws that made bans on interracial marriages unconstitutional, will eventually lead to gay marriage as the law of the land.

My goodness, so when did basic Constitutional rights become a "radical social agenda"?

- Don't go there with me, Jubal! Just as I was learning to be cordial toward all those GOP consultants at Red County/OC Blog, Jubal/Matt Cunningham just had to throw a stinkbomb at me. Yes, Matt, I did already know that the federal government owns San Onofre. I was being quiet out of courtesy to you. However, I also know that the federal government HAS NOT GIVEN APPROVAL FOR TCA TO BUILD THE TOLL ROAD, and that the state's lease with federal government specifically forbids projects like the toll road that interfere with the park. Nice try, but I'm not an imbecile. I do know what I'm talking about here.

And finally...

- Ann Coulter does it again! OK, so this is not specifically OC. But still, she went WAY OUT OF LINE this time! The Liberal OC has more on Ann Coulter's blatant homophobia and outright hatred of John Edwards.

Now excuse me as I try to enjoy my birthday today...
And while you're at it, please do have a wild and wonderful weekend! : )

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