Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Here's another one from the great folks at Wake Up Wal-Mart...

Check this out!

Oh, and btw...

In addition to good news at the state level, it seems like the national Democratic Party has DISCOVERED ITS SPINE AGAIN!!!! Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has ordered a CLOSED SESSION, according to Rule 21 of Senate Conduct, in order to learn more about the COOKED PREWAR INTELLIGENCE ON IRAQ. Hopefully, more members of the Senate will realize the same important fact that a MAJORITY OF AMERICANS has already discovered: BUSH (AND HIS CRONIES) LIED, AND PEOPLE DIED!!!!

Whoo hoo!!! The people of California are speaking...

and the results are'nt good for Ahh-nold! All four of "his initiatives" are FAILING!!!! Check out the Field Poll results for yourself at http://field.com/fieldpollonline/subscribers/RLS2174.pdf. The more the people are finding out how Arnold's measures will truly SCREW THEM, they are more likely to VOTE NO!!!! Btw, if you are a California resident, remember to vote next Tuesday!!!! Learn more about Props 73-80 at http://www.betterca.com/ and http://speakoutca.org/. Come back and talk to me when you've seen how disgusting the radical right can be!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Welcome to My World!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog! Since there has been so much to talk about lately, I hope to get started soon. Although my schedule can be busy at times, I plan to talk to all of you just about every day... I think this is the start of a beautiful new relationship!!