Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Still No Power

Jeez, I hope Edison fixes this soon. My grandmother can only take so much of a hot, humid house. Our food can only take so much of melting refridgerators. My mind can only take so much worrying about my family.

I hope the power returns to my house soon, or I won't know what to do next.

Monday, September 03, 2007

No Mo' Power

The house went dark. It's darkness all over. Dark and hot, kinda like the pit of hell. Dammit. I guess this means I'm sleeping in the car tonight.


Another Happy Beach Day

And all I have to say is this:


Enjoy your Labor Day... I know I am!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Thought

Ah, I feel cooler and not so sticky now... It's a miracle!. : )

Hot Day

Today was a really hot day. I put out quite a sweat today. I worked at the DPOC Booth at the street fair, and I drank so much water that my tummy became an aquarium. OK, so I was an overheated wreck.

OK, and I was "overheated" in more ways than one. But don't worry, I'm fine now. I did something quite special after my shift ended, and I discovered a terrific way to "cool down".

So all is well now, and my hot day has come to an end. : )

Hot Week

It's been hot over these last few days. The weather outside has been nasty. But you know what? The emotions in my house have also been heated.

Ever since I found out where my mother was, and ever since my grandmother took a downturn with her health, it's been a frustrating week en la Casa de Andrés. My dad and I had been quite close to just making each other explode. I had been on a wild emotional roller coaster, shifting rapidly from despair to fury to depression to frustration to near total insanity. Last week was a rough week, and I'm glad to see it over.

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to be me again. I was smiling again. I even had a little "happy fun time" again. I was with a friend, and it was such a relief that as I was looking at this friend, I remembered that my life isn't all that bad.

I guess the heat still rages on outside. But at least now, the emotional heat has abated inside this house. My dad and I are OK again. He got answers to his prescription queries, and I'll get my laptop fixed soon. My grandmother is lying quietly on the living room sofa. My mother is at the assisted living home, hopefully getting some type of help. Life goes on, and a cool calm has finally settled down upon my house.

Finally, the heat is gone.

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