Tuesday, March 20, 2007

ATM Watch: I Didn't See Romney, But Fleischman Did

OK, so you probably know by now that I wasn't able to see Mitt Romney on Friday in Dana Point. However, Jon Fleischman did. While I was out in the cold, he was in on all the action... And yes, Fleischman now has his account of the Romney fundraiser up on FlashReport.

Here are some of Romney's "Greatest Hits" from Friday's swanky fundraiser. For more videos, go to Jon's blog.

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Romney on the "War on Terror"

Romney on the "Source of American Strength"
[And no, you commie-loving pinko lib'ruls, it's not taxes or big guv'munt or 'dem San Francisco values... hehe ; ) ]

California Romney Chairman Mike "Darth" Schroeder and OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh on why they love Mitt:

And finally, an excerpt from the interview with Mitt Romney. Jon Fleischman talks with Romney about health care:

Jon: Well, what would you say to, because I've talked to a lot of conservatives who are concerned about the Governor's proposal which he, again, says is mirrored after yours, when they pass a law that requires people to have healthcare insurance and kind of the idea that that flies in the face of the notion of individuals taking responsibility for their own action and kind of putting the state involved in putting mandates on people.

Mitt: Well, my proposal in Massachusetts was people either pay for their own healthcare and demonstrate their ability to pay by having a sufficient health savings account or other savings account or they buy insurance, because currently in this country if someone does not have health insurance and they don't have money of their own, then they go to the hospital and they get free care. And that's not an option that should be available to people who can afford insurance. So I agree that -- and I want to make personal responsibility mean that people either pay for their own healthcare or they buy insurance, one or the other. But no more showing up and expecting other people to pay your way. That's not personal responsibility. That's the welfare state. And currently what we have, and I think this is something that people don't often appreciate, currently what we have in most of America and in California, like Massachusetts, is a sick setting, where people don't buy insurance, even those who can afford it don't buy insurance and go get free healthcare. And that's simply not personal responsibility.

To see the rest of the interview, and to see more videos, go to FlashReport. And thanks to Jon Fleischman for covering the event from the inside. : )

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