Sunday, March 25, 2007

Would You Trust These Men With Our Planet?

Don't you just love California's natural scenery? Don't you love our great mountains, our lovely deserts, our fantastic grasslands...

Well, what if I told you that if John Doolittle and Richard Pombo had their way, we wouldn't have ANY OF THIS. Don't believe me? Well, follow me after the flip to see what would happen to the natural beauty of our state, our nation, and OUR PLANET, if these anti-environment right-wing extremists had their way...

Don't you just love our lovely hillsides? Isn't it great to just walk through the wilderness, and commune with Mother Nature?

Well, if Richard Pombo had his way and stayed in Congress, we probably wouldn't be enjoying our wild hills. After all, there's a good reason why he was called "The Most Anti-conservation Member of Congress". Perhaps it has something to do with his close ties to developers... Oh yeah, and should I tell you just HOW CLOSE these ties have been?

Now do you really want to risk allowing this man to return to Congress?

Aren't our beaches great? Isn't our coastline just magnificent?

John Doolittle is still in Congress... And if he has his way, our coast would be OBLITERATED. For one, he thinks that global climate change is just "much ado about nothing". I guess that means he would not mind if his constituents were to ultimately LIVE ON OCEANFRONT PROPERTY, as the sea level continues to rise.

Oh, and if that weren't bad enough, he also wants to rape our coast while it's drowning! Remember how Doolittle sponsored legislation to open up our coast to drilling for natural gas? Instead of coming up with REAL SOLUTIONS to our energy problems, Doolittle only wants to destroy our coast and enrich his fossil fuel industry friends.


Last year, we made it halfway through our mission to unseat two fiends of the earth... And we came so close to unseating the other guy. So why should we give up now...
Especially when the right-wing extremists are ready to undo our great victory last year.

So do you really want BOTH OF THEM back in Congress, or do you want BOTH OF THEM OUT OF THERE? It's up to you... No, really! During this last week of fundraising for the first quarter, you can help Jerry McNerney win reelection AND help Northern California elect someone who REALLY CARES ABOUT THE REGION'S NATURAL RESOURCES.

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