Monday, March 12, 2007

Windy Ridge (Anaheim) Fire UPDATE

(Video courtesy of watashiwabritney on YouTube)

Here's the latest update on the Windy Ridge Wildfire, courtesy of The OC Register:

- 1,220 people were evacuated. And though some people were allowed to return home last night, many must still stay away from their own homes as the threat of fire looms nearby.

- 4 structures have been destroyed. Fortunately, only 2 of those were single-family residences. But still, as the temperatures rises and humidity drops today, more homes may be threatened.

- 30% contained. So far, 2,036 acres have been burned. However, authorities are hoping that not too many more become scorched as they expect to fully contain the fire within the next 24 hours.

- Two firefighters were injured. And now, both firefighters injured have been treated. One was treated for an ax wound to the face, and the other for smoke inhalation.

- Did a really stupid criminal cause all this? Apparently, this all started when some jackass criminal set fire to a car with stolen license plates (Hmmm... I wonder who stole them...). Seriously, why are such idiots allowed to roam this earth freely?

So anyways, this is what's happening in OC right now. Let's just hope that all these poor folks can return home safely and soon.

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