Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Calling All Edwards People! House Parties Tonight!

Calling all Democrats who are supporting John Edwards for President! You have a house party to go to tonight!

We'll watch a John Edwards DVD and join in a phone call where he will answer questions from around the country. You don't need to donate to come to the party.

Here's a chance for you to make a difference, and to build grassroots support for Edwards here in California. Come on, now! How hard is it to hop on over to your neighbor's house to find out more about the candidate that you like? I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

Why not take advantage of this real chance to revitalize the California Democratic Party? I am hoping that we in the progressive movement here will take this unique opportunity to breathe some new life into the Democratic Party here, as well as to get our neighbors excited about voting again. There's nothing like telling someone that his or her vote really matters... And now that our primary will be early and important, ALL OF OUR VOTES REALLY DO MATTER AGAIN!

We can continue to bitch and moan and whine and complain about everything that's wrong right now, and just see more of the same...
Or we can get up and take action to change this! If we really care about building a grassroots movement here, then why don't we use this primary as a way to start growing it? If we're so concerned about the "media ad buys" and all the consultants, then why don't we get out there and start growing some real grassroots? No, the candidates cannot meet all of the voters in California... BUT ALL OF US WORKING TOGETHER CAN! If we don't like the status quo, then why do we keep whining about it? Why not just get out there and CHANGE IT?!

The opportunity is now here... We just have to get off our duffs and TAKE IT!

And yes, the opportunity is now TONIGHT in Santa Cruz, Anaheim Hills, Irvine, and elsewhere in the state. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start growing those grassroots! : )

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