Friday, March 30, 2007

Frustrated Republicans Speak... Is the OC GOP Listening?

Sorry everyone, but I just can't help it! I spotted this on OC Blog yesterday, but the action only continues to heat up over at "Red County" Land:

When are we going to stop calling Mitt Romney a front runner in the GOP Presidential race?

Despite having likely raised and spent more money than the other candidiates thus far, Mitt Romney languishes at just 7% in California (see Jubal's post from yesterday).

At least that's better than he's doing in Nevada (4%), Florida (6%) and nationwide (3%), which is probably due at least in part to certain advantages he holds here in O.C.

Seriously, shouldn't a candidate to at least have come within shouting distance of double-digits to be called a "front runner?" In all these polls the guy consistently trails not one, but two people who aren't even in the race! Save your money, O.C. donors.

In its inaugural issue, Red County's print magazine called Romney the "real deal." As a Presidential contender, he quite clearly is not.

Come on, now! You know you want to follow me down below for more salacious GOP infighting... ; )

Perhaps Frustrated Republican could spend some time explaining why conservatives, who are the dominant portion of the GOP, should embrace a liberal like Rudy?

Or is it just easier to bash Mitt Romney?

I'll be more impressed with Rudy when I see him go before the National Right To Life Committee and defend his "I'd pay for my daughter's abortion" comment, or he explains to the NRA why he sued the gun manufacturers because they were making too many guns.

"He can win" may be enough for the checkbook crowd, but activists who think principles actually count for something need more than that.

OK, so "Rudy's a Lib" has issues with all this criticism of the OC GOP's fawning over Mitt Romney. But is "Rudy's a Lib" in denial? Or is everyone just unfairly overlooking Fred Thompson? Oh, wait... He supported that evil, liberal, socialist, commie-loving pinko CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM bill! Here's more from OC Blog's comments:

Of course voting McCain-Feingold is a kiss of death because it shows a complete lack of philosophical belief in small government and individual freedom. It should absolutely disqualify any Republican. I didn't know Thompson supported it-- forget that guy, then.

I don't care for Rudy, but it is possible to be pro-choice under the guise of a libertarian-type belief system (I have no idea if this is how Giuliani arrives at his belief set).

And I am one of those hoping for some Reagan-esque conservative to ride into this race on a white horse, but Frustrated is probably right, unfortunately... the fundraising deficit at this point is probably already too huge for a latecomer to overcome.

So will any "Reagan-esque conservative" be able to ride into this race on a white horse and save the Republicans? Romney may be loved by the OC GOP Machine, but he's not so loved by the oh so beloved "base". Giuliani looks pretty strong right now, but what happens when people find out about his... Ummm... "moral values"? Ah, it's amazing to see the Republicans running around like chickens with their heads cut off now that their Chimperor has failed them.

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I have no opinion on the state of the GOP, but I do have a website recommendation for you...

I don't know who the GOP will ultimately settle on, but it will be interesting to watch...