Monday, March 19, 2007

Surf City for Peace Vigil

For more pics from the Huntington Beach peace vigil, as well as some thoughts on what happened last night, please follow me down below...

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We began at the corner of Main Street and Walnut Avenue in Downtown Huntington Beach. I chatted with a few of the protesters for the first few minutes about all the lives that have been lost since Bush began this war four years ago, and about what it would take for this nation to recover from all the damage that has been caused since Bush took us to war. The vigil got off to a slow start... Until one of my friends from DFA arrived, and suggested that we move up one block to Main and PCH, at the base of the pier.

Once we reached the pier, a few more of my DFA friends arrived. At the same time, pedestrians were stopping to tell us about their relatives who were fighting a war that they no longer believe in, and why we need to end this war soon. Also, dozens upon dozens of motorists were honking in support of us and in opposition to any more pointless war as they were speeding up and down PCH. We were all surprised by all the support we were receiving from passers-by.

All in all, I must say that I was quite heartwarmed by what happened last night. I was surprised to see all the people who volunteered their Monday night to join us in Downtown Surf City to protest four years of this maddening war. I was astounded by all the support that we received from everyone around us. And yes, I was quite grateful to join many of my fellow protesters and friends afterwards at Smokin Mo's to talk about DFA business.

But still, I'd feel much, much better if this war were over...

(Many thanks to my dad for taking all these great photos, and to local blogger Joe Shaw for providing the video.)

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