Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today's the Day!!

Yes, today is my favorite day of the year: ELECTION DAY!

If you haven't done so already, go to your polling place today and VOTE!
If you need to find your polling place, or you have any other questions about the election, click here if you are in Orange County. For everyone else in California, click here.

Now for those of you who need something to do today, please consider helping any of our fine campaigns get out the progressive vote in Orange County.

Lou Correa (D), running for 34th Senate District: (714) 972-9276, http://www.loucorrea.com

Loretta Sanchez (D), incumbent in the 47th Congressional District: (714) 839-4431, http://www.loretta.org

Florice Hoffman (D), running in the 40th Congressional District: (714) 282-1179, http://www.hoffman2006.org

Jim Brandt, running in the 46th Congressional District: (714) 594-5244, http://www.brandtforcongress.org

Steve Young, running in the 48th Congressional District: (949) 640-4400, http://www.steveyoungforcongress.org

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