Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rush Limbaugh: American Psycho

Here's a hilarious new send-up to everyone's favorite right-wing hypocrite!

And he totally deserves it after slandering Michael J. Fox on his radio show:

What a dumbass! I hope he never has to experience the pain and frustration that is Parkinson's Disease.


Anonymous said...

That vid is hilarious. Who is that?

Anonymous said...

Democrats love to make fun of Alzheimer's sufferers, like Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston. Limbaugh did not make fun of Fox... just pointed out that in Fox's own book, he reported that when he appeared in front of congressional hearing, he did not take his meds because he wanted the lawmakers to see the effects of his disease.

On GMA, the day after Limbaugh gave his opinions on the Fox ad for McCaskill, Fox said he took more than the usual dosage. So Limbaugh apologized for hypothesizing that Fox was un/under-medicated.

Michael J Fox is dealing with his disease the best he can. Rush Limbaugh is also dealing with the disease that caused him to be about 98% deaf. Where was the sympathy when he announced he was losing his hearing? Not from the Dems.