Thursday, November 16, 2006

SD 34 Update: Correa Now in the Lead!!!

Check out these new lovely numbers from the OC Registrar of Voters:

STATE SENATOR, 34th District
Completed Precincts: 377 of 377
Vote Count Percentage
LOU CORREA (DEM) 53834 49.7%
LYNN DAUCHER (REP) 53552 49.5%
OTTO BADE 891 0.8%

No, your eyes are not lying to you... LOU IS NOW LEADING LYNN BY 282 VOTES!! : )

I've been at the Registrar to observe the vote count with the OC Democrats, so I apologize for posting this a little late... Still, I am very heartwarmed to see that all our efforts to reach out to voters before the election finally seem to be paying off! Hopefully if this trend continues, the OC GOP will have to kiss their "one State Senate pickup" goodbye! : )

Btw: The Register's Total Buzz blog is estimating that there may be another 4,000 provisional votes left to count... We'll see if this is correct. I just hope that this trend holds.

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