Saturday, November 18, 2006

SD 34: What the F**k Happened on Election Day?

Here's a disturbing video from "Video the Vote" :

Now yes, these individuals were documenting machine meltdowns in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, and Huntington Beach... Outside SD 34... However, others (including myself) can testify that there were similar problems WITHIN the 34th State Senate District. So why weren't there enough working machines for all these people to vote? Why weren't there enough paper ballots to give to voters once the machines broke down? Why were all these voters, especially the working-class people in SD 34 who COULDN'T AFFORD TO SPEND HOURS IN LINE, forced to do just that?

Was this just criminal negligence, or were there more sinister motives to swing the election a certain way? Check out Chris Prevatt's post on The Liberal OC to see how the Registrar may have violated election law. My goodness, whatever happened, we need new leadership there to make sure that this massive failure NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! : (

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