Saturday, November 18, 2006

SD 34 Update: OK, Back to the Good News... Correa Ahead by 821

Here's today's update from the OC Registrar:

STATE SENATOR, 34th District
Completed Precincts: 377 of 377
Vote Count Percentage
LOU CORREA (DEM) 55234 50.0%
LYNN DAUCHER (REP) 54413 49.2%
OTTO BADE 899 0.8%

Thank goodness all those folks were willing to wait hours in line to vote. They took all that time out of their busy day, time that they could hardly afford to waste in line, to exercise their right to vote. They knew the high stakes in this election, and they braved the madness at the polls to vote. Thank goodness for these amazing Americans! : )

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