Friday, November 03, 2006

CA Election: NO on Prop 85

Check out this video... It explains quite well why Prop 85 is SOOOO SCARY!

Now we all agree that parents should be involved in their teenagers' lives, and fortunately most are, especially when it comes to serious matters like an unwanted pregnancy...

But about those teen girls who CAN'T talk to their parents because they're afraid of horrid repercussions...
What about those girls in abusive homes? What about those girls who are afraid of being kicked out of home?

These girls need to talk to professional counselors, NOT TO JUDGES AND COURT OFFICIALS! These girls should be receiving proper medical attention, and NOT BE FORCED TO TRY TO NAVIGATE THROUGH OUR CRAZY LEGAL MAZE! These girls need proper care, NOT INAPPROPRIATE PUNISHMENT!

Prop 85 tries to force families to communicate, but it won't succeed...
It's another radical religious-right attempt to force government into family matters and private medical affairs, and all that it would end up doing is in putting teen girls at risk!

Next Tuesday, please vote NO ON PROP 85!

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