Thursday, November 02, 2006

AZ Senate: Can Jim Pederson Pull Off An Upset?

According to the DSCC, YES HE CAN!

(Perhaps all the bad news from Iraq is finally catching up with Kyl... After all, he has agreed with Bush that we need to "stay the course" of failure.)

In fact, the Democrats are so awestruck by early voting patterns that they're buying up all the available ad time they can find in Arizona! This is an amazing late development in the Arizona Senate Race... Just when all of us expected Jon Kyl to coast to an easy reelection, Pederson enjoys a late bouce in the polls...

Arizona could very well end up being the "Wild Card" race next Tuesday if Pederson does well enough that we start talking about an upset.

If you have family and/or friends in Arizona, direct them to Jim Pederson's website so they can figure out how they can help him defeat Rubber-stamp Republican Kyl.

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