Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guest Blogger on Why Ed Royce (CA-40) Needs to Go Today

From Gary, a concerned voter in the 40th CD:

Hi... friends of liberty,

As you know and have reason to know, I am a lot more
concerned for my country than I am any such political
party. So, with that statement, I'm including a Guest
Editorial/Letter To The Editor I had submitted to the
OC Register for your enjoyment as I don't believe they
had any inclination to publish it.

Good luck with the voter turn-out!


Aren't We Lucky?

Being an interested person living in the 40th
Congressional District has its rewards. Take for
example our 'safe seat' congressman, the one and only
Honorable Ed Royce. A modest, middle class kind of
guy with a deafening quietness to his demeanor has not
been debated, much less, taken to task with a hard
foght battle to keep his job as our public servant.
In short, we're not having to endure the bare knuckles
fights as so many of Honorable Ed's fellow 'red ink
rubber-stampers' are facing. Aren't we lucky?

Looking this way and that way, I notice that red ink
Ed is not touching any of his own millions taking out
sleazy ads bashing the Democratic candidate... he's
not even moved enough to spend a ten bucks of his
money blasting the Libertarians... Oh my, Honorable Ed
is not even resorting to free ads in the Penny Saver
leveling pot shots at the Green Party. Aren't we

While, scant news leaks seep through the nation's
'controlled' mass media to offer one whispers and
fleeting glimpses of the thundering political
revolution roaring across the land, right here in the
40th congressional district, we have Honorable Ed
'sitting pretty' with his taxpayer funded hand
sanitizer to clean all of that nasty red ink off his
hands after a busy, busy day rubber-stamping George W.
Bush's ongoing war on reasoning and everything else
the "decider" desires for himself. Aren't we lucky?

In fact, honorable Ed is not even having to hide his
rubber stamp behind his back and bash his own homeboy
party to save his honor, dignity and integrity.
Honorable Ed hasn't even been nudged to explain what
the $5,000 "donation" (we'll call it) from Jack
Abramoff was all about. Frankly, I am unable to say
whether or not Honorable Ed had even considered giving
that money back to Jack or some other worthy charity--
because he has neither been asked nor inclined to say.
Aren't we lucky?

I ask, "Is this a little odd?" Here we have a guy, a
quiet middle class millionaire who has his hands
soaked in red ink to rubber stamp virtually 100% of
George W. Bush's dirty politics as horrid policy
agenda, yet has not stepped into the light to tell me
a single thing he has done for the benefit of his safe
seat district, or the oath of safe seat office he will
again take in honor and defense of the Constitution of
the United States of America. Aren't we lucky?

My friends, let's face it... it's more than obvious
that with each passing day, the terribly misguided
invasion of Iraq is an issue that will haunt and
plague this once-great nation for decades to come. In
fact, decades from now, my infant grandchildren may be
shipped off to Iraq to 'stay the course' we need to do
to defend, uh... whatever we're defending at the time
with all that red ink dripping from our 'safe seat'
congressman's hands... Oh my, that's not red ink?
Aren't we lucky?

Maybe, just maybe by then, there will be enough
'interested persons' left around to muster up enough
sanity to ask 'safe seat' Ed for a little more than
buying his own bottle of hand sanitizer to wash away
the blood of our children. Aren't we lucky?

As I vote on Tuesday, I hope that everyone stops, like
I will do, and seriously consider, the price we're all
paying for 'safe seats' and a lot of hand sanitizer.
Aren't we lucky?

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