Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Iraq: What the Fuck Are We Doing to The People?

What are the motherfucker jerks in the White House telling our soldiers to do there?

What the hell are we doing in Iraq?

"I'm a taxi car driver. That car was my livelihood."

I guess the troops don't care... I guess they were trained not to care by those FUCKING ASSHOLES in the White House! Seriously, it looks like Abu Ghraib was only the beginning. This occupation has become a REIGN OF TERROR for the Iraqi people! Between our military forces, the Shiite militias, and the Sunni militias, no wonder the Iraqis are so afraid... Who can they trust to keep them safe? Who can they trust to help them rebuild the country? Who can they trust not to kill them? Well, I guess you can mark the good ol' USA off that list!

Seriously, we need to get the hell out of Iraq soon...
Yes, the nation has fallen into civil war, but it doesn't look like the US Military is the proper tool to help solve that problem... For God's sake, send in some UN Peacekeepers! Send in some peacekeepers from other Muslim nations! But please, let's not torture the Iraqis with any more of our occupation of their country!

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