Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fundie Watch: Is Ted Haggard Gay?

Here's the scoop (which I first noticed at AmericaBlog):

Pastor Ted Haggard of Colorado Springs, President of the National Association of Evangelicals (and rabidly homophobic), is being accused of having an affair with a Denver gay escort. This could be a big blow to the fundies' effort to get Colorado to pass a Constitutional Amendement banning same-sex marriage... I mean, one of their own leaders has been caught with his pants down... AND IN A BED WITH ANOTHER MAN!

Apparently Mike Jones, the Denver gay man who used to be an escort, is now claiming to have had a three-year relationship with Haggard... And he claims to have proof:

Jones also said during his appearance with Boyles that he was paid money by Haggard, who made frequent trips to Denver for sexual liaisons, that he has recorded voicemails and a letter from Haggard, and that he had also witnessed Haggard use methamphetamine.

How nice. Here's yet another hypocritical radical-right wingnut who preaches one thing... And does another!

I'll keep you updated on this new doozie.

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