Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Iraq Update: Daily Civilian Casualties Likely to Rise to Over 100, 5 Young Girls Just Killed by US Forces in Ramadi

I just found this on The Guardian's (London) website. Now I feel like weeping again.

Violence against Iraqi civilians, which is already taking between 60 and 100 lives a day, is likely to rise still further, Major General William Caldwell, the US military spokesman in Baghdad, conceded yesterday.

In the aftermath of last week's devastating car bomb and mortar attacks against the capital's crowded Shia district of Sadr City which killed 215 people and subsequent raids by gunmen into Sunni areas, he said: "We expect to see elevated levels of violence in the next couple of weeks."

What are we doing there? Why are we killing the people we're supposed to liberate? From the BBC:

Five young girls have been killed in Iraq during a clash between US marines and insurgents in the western city of Ramadi, the US has said.
A US military statement said militants on the roof of a house had fired on its forces, who responded with tank fire.

It said soldiers searching the building found the bodies of one man and the five girls, one of whom was an infant.

Ramadi, 115km (70 miles) west of Baghdad, is located in Anbar province, a stronghold for Sunni Arab militants.

The youngest female casualty was six-months-old and the eldest was aged 10. Another female at the scene was injured but refused treatment, the statement said.

What are we doing there? Why are we hurting these people? Why have we turned their lives into a living hell? These people are suffering, and Bush's insistence that we "stay the course" only adds to their suffering.

When will "our leaders" realize this?

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