Monday, November 06, 2006

Sometimes the Enemy of Our Enemy Can Be Such a Good Friend!

On the Register's Orange Punch commentary blog, Steven Greenhut just slammed Lynn Daucher (and husband Don), for being a "liberal RINO" who's been lying about her history on eminent domain, as well as higher taxes. Though I disagree with Greenhut on much of his "libertarian conservative" platform, I at least appreciate his intellectual honesty... And I've got to appreciate his attack on Lynn's campaign on this very crucial last day!

Here's a nice excerpt from Greenhut's full-throttle attack on Daucher:

... You would think, though, that the Dauchers would let it go, given that the Republican Party has let go of the fact that Lynn Daucher has voted like a liberal, supporting eminent domain, regulatory takings, abortion on demand, some of the loonier parts of the gay-rights agenda, higher taxes and so forth. On the Brea council, Daucher sent an infamous letter to the Legislature opposing the repeal of the car tax.

Hey, you've got to love Greenhut's timing. Right when Lynn would like to rally the GOP base behind her, Greenhut reminds these GOPers that Lynn is not their "chosen one". Though I wouldn't exactly call Lynn a friend of women and the LGBT community, I guess she still isn't extreme enough for the firebreathing radical right...
But wait! It gets better...

Daucher is the ultimate Republican In Name Only, and even though she is getting party support, her husband wants the Republican Party to use its resources to attack a conservative running for the Brea City Council. Imagine what happens if she wins. She will drag the Republican Party far to the left. That's why conservatives ought to hope that moderate Democrat Lou Correa wins the Senate seat instead. Sometimes it's better to lose a seat to the Democrats than to win one with Republicans like these.

Wow! Greenhut is so mad over Daucher's flip-flops over eminent domain and tax issues that he's`supporting Lou. Now how often do Steven Greenhut and I agree on a candidate? Well, let me answer that: HARDLY EVER!!

However those of us on the left, on the right, and at all points inbetween agree:
Lynn Daucher is THE WRONG FIT for our communities in Central OC. If you have any libertarian and/or conservative friends, let them know how real conservatives like Greenhut feel about Lynn Daucher.

Perhaps they'll think twice before voting for her as well.

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