Monday, November 13, 2006

Democratic Values ARE Working Class Values

You know what's irking me today? The GOP's still trying to spin this election as a "conservative win" with these supposed "conservative Democrats" winning last week, and they're still trying to portray us as "out of touch liberal elite" who want to destroy America. Well, guess what I have to say back to them?

Stop projecting your problems on us! This year, voters throughout the country kicked the GOP out of Congress because they are sick of the culture wars, and want real action in ussues such as raising the minimum wage. This year, Democrats talked with voters on serious issues such as the minimum wage, making health care more affordable, and making college more affordable for working families. This year, the Democrats won because we gave them a breath of fresh air from the stale old culture wars, and promised real solutions to real problems facing real American families.

The GOP, on the other hand, simply pulled off stupid election-year stunts by trying to reignite the culture wars. They tried to push the ridiculous marriage amendment, did a lot of grandstanding on the flag-burning amendment, and pushed through worthless resolutions "supporting the troops" while the troops are dying with inadequate body armor... Oh, and while trying to fend off a civil war that was begun by this Administration in a failed attempt to assert its geopolitical muscle in the Middle East.

Yeah, and it's "us Democrats" who are talking down to working class voters...
Yeah, right!

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