Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Thoughts on Democratic Candidates

A post-mortem on 2006, as well as looking forward to 2008:

While I prefer to work with local progressive candidates and support national progressive candidates, I will not simply put up a fit and withhold support for the winning Dem candidate if that candidate is notthe progressive that I supported. While I do think we need to continue bringing the Democratic Party back to its original Democratic values, I also think that this does us no good if we end up only running underfunded "sacrificial lambs" in all Congressional districts. Of course, we also need to work with the thinking moderates in our party (DO NOT READ capitulate to the DLC) if we want to have a winning, governing coalition.

We need to be practical in implementing our progressive goals. While I'd love to see Bush impeached, I'm not expecting it. Personally, I've been thinking about it... And I've realized that it might be better for now if we focus on raising the minimum wage, making college more affordable for families like mine, finding a common-sense solution on immigration, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY!) put together a plan to GET OUT OF IRAQ! By actually getting things done instead of just holding impeachment hearings, we'll prove to our fellow Americans that we progressives are actually MAKING PROGRESS in moving this nation forward!

Sure, I'd love to see Russ Feingold or Dennis Kucinich as our next Presidential nominee... But no, I won't hold my breath until that happens! If we can get someone like Clark or Edwards (or especially Gore!!), I'll be happy.

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