Sunday, November 05, 2006

SD 34: GOTV for Lou Correa

Though I understand that not everyone in Southern California is very enthusiastic about this election, I AM. Perhaps this is because I live in the 34th State Senate District. Of course, we in the 34th Senate District have the chance to elect a real community leader who's lived in Central OC his whole life, and someone who has been proven to be an effective advocate for our diverse working-class communities in Central OC. And of course, this individual is DEMOCRAT LOU CORREA!

And yes, I am also disappointed with the Sacramento Democratic Leadership for resorting to dirty tactics to try to swing this election. Personally, I think it undermines the direct efforts of Lou's campaign to reach out to the voters in the 34th in a POSITIVE way. I've walked with many of the local students, and I have been quite heart-warmed by their dedication to their community, as well as their dedication to helping Lou win this election. I've also walked with other community activists whose first concern is that of their neighbors in Central Orange County. And of course, while walking I've talked to many of my neighbors in Santa Ana. Many of them support Lou because they know that he actually cares about the well-being of our communities, and has worked hard to bring money home to keep our neighborhoods safe, make our parks beautiful again, and improve our schools.

I really think it says something that neighborhoods throughout Santa Ana are filled with Lou Correa signs, while I still have not found EVEN ONE Lynn Daucher sign in front of any house around here. Personally, I think this is because the voters here are not stupid. They know that Lou has been a part of our community for 42 YEARS, while Lynn Daucher has only "lived" here (her Fullerton apartment is only one of MULTIPLE residences) for 42 WEEKS, and only in order to hold onto power in Sacramento.

Personally, this is why I'm hopeful about this campaign in my hometown. I've talked to so many fellow Santa Ana and Garden Grove residents who are more than happy to vote for Lou. Can Lynn's camp say the same thing?

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