Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OC Sheriff: Carona Demotes Hunt While No One Else Is Looking

From today's LA Times:

The lieutenant who took on Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona in this year's heated primary election should be demoted for statements he made during the campaign and other allegedly unprofessional conduct, according to a letter he received Tuesday.

Lt. Bill Hunt, who has been suspended from his job as the sheriff's chief of police services in San Clemente for more than four months, was summoned to department headquarters to pick up the Notice of Proposed Discipline.

So Mike Carona is trying to dump Lt. Bill Hunt just at the time when all of us are focusing on the election...
And he thinks he can get away with this bullshit?

First, Mikey Boy recruits Hunt to run in his place because he thinks he's on his way to higher office...
Then, as scandals begin to be revealed at the Sheriff's Department, Carona decides to stay and run for another term as OC Sheriff afterall.

Next, Carona engages in a bloddy battle for reelection. He tells Republicans that he's a loyal Republican, and gets his friend Mike Schroeder to twist the arm of the OC GOP Central Committee into endorsing him. However at the same time, Carona cozies up to certain prominent Democrats, pulling out some surprising endorsements. Given all the talk by both parties about ethics, how could various leaders in both parties endorse the most corrupt Sheriff in Orange County history?

However, Carona still has the problem of the OC Weekly investigations into the Sheriff's office, revealing some of the most disgusting illegal acts this County has ever seen... Well, at least until the Tan Nguyen scandal!

But anyways, Mike Carona barely squeaked by to reelection this past June... And the first thing he did after winning was putting Lt. Hunt on administrative leave. This was clearly an act of petty political retribution... Mikey Boy felt threatened when Hunt seemed to pose a serious threat to his reelection bid... Carona came extremely close to being forced into a November runoff with Hunt, a runoff he could have very well lost as the bad news has kept flowing out of the Sheriff's Department.

Now I know that a few brave souls are not about to let Carona get away with these high crimes and misdemeanors...
Here's for hoping that they succeed in holding Carona accountable for this disgustingly slimy act!

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