Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Earth to OC Govt: Give the Damn PC Back to Chris Prevatt!

Grrrrr! I'm sick of these stupid power plays that have been commonplace in Orange County government for way too long. Even conservative blogger Matt Cunningham agrees that Chris should have his computer back:

So why are they hanging on to his computer? It's clear Chris didn't post from work --and the county knows it. Heck, they could have figured that out without takling his computer.

Even Tan Nguyen has had his computers returned by the Attorney General's office.

Enough already. Give the man his bloody computer back!

Thank you, Mr. Cunningham, for just saying what all the rest of us have been thinking...
There's no proof that Chris ever posted from work, and it's already been two workweeks since Tom Mauk first had the computer seized...
So why not just return the damn computer to Chris, and let him get back to work?

From Chris Prevatt himself, commenting on Matt's post:

To clarify, they did give me a loaner computer, but I do not have access to the files from my previous computer. Makes it a bit difficult to complete the few projects I was working on before they yanked the thing on October 27th. At least two projects I have worked on over the last month I had to research and recreate data and information I already had.

Great use of County resources don't you think? Who nows, maybe I'll get the computer back tomorrow.

I wonder how much money these numbskulls have spent in management and IT time conducting their "investigation?."

What a waste!

Yes, what a waste, indeed!

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