Monday, November 27, 2006

Iraq: CNN's Ware Calling It a Civil War

"Anyone who doubts this is a civil war is suffering from a luxury of distance."

Why can't we have more honest folks in the MSM?

Why can't more in the "Beltway Crowd" realize that our involvement in Iraq is, at best, not helping the situation?

Why can't we find a solution to this quagmire?

Whether we like it or not, the troops must come home soon. It's pointless for us to continue sending them to die in the midst of a civil war that's out of our hands, and out of control. Perhaps there's a diplomatic soltuion to the Iraq conundrum out there. Perhaps the UN can be of some help. Perhaps NATO, and/or our remaining "allies" in the Muslim world (I don't know how much longer we'll have allies there if we continue the occupation).

Still, we can't move on toward finding a solution on Iraq if we still don't realize the problem there... Kudos to Michael Ware at CNN for helping America realize the problem.

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