Friday, November 24, 2006

Not a Happy Thanksgiving in Iraq

Yesterday, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family... Unfortunately, later last night, once I got home, I found out about what happened in Baghdad:

A series of fiery suicide car bombings killed at least 152 people and wounded 236 others Thursday in the deadliest sectarian attack in Baghdad since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion.

The explosions in the Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City followed a highly coordinated militant assault on the Shiite-controlled Health Ministry complex, and they were met with almost immediate reprisal attacks in Sunni Arab Muslim neighborhoods that killed at least nine people. Other bombings and shootings killed 18 people in and around the capital, making for one of the deadliest days in Iraq's sectarian war.

The sound of mortar shelling and gunfire echoed throughout the night in the capital, where an open-ended curfew was imposed. The government closed the airport, and the nation's top clerics and political leaders appealed for calm.

Yesterday was the deadliest day in Baghdad on record...
Oh yes, didn't President Bush say that "if we leave Iraq, there will be chaos"?
Well, it's kinda too late for that...
There's already chaos in Iraq, thanks to total Bush Administration incompetence!

Oh, and today, just as the funeral for the dead Baghdad residents was beginning, violence broke out in Northern Iraq:

Two bombs killed at least 22 people and wounded another 26 in the northern Iraqi city of Tal Afar today, police said.
The bombs, one hidden in a parked car and the other in a suicide vest worn by a pedestrian, apparently targeted civilians outside a car dealership in the city, 90 miles east of the Syrian border.

The bombings happened at around 11am (0800 BST) as funeral processions were getting under way in Baghdad for many of the more than 200 victims of attacks there yesterday.

Now remind me again why we're in Iraq? Is it for freedom? Is it to stabilize the nation? Is it to combat "radical Islam" in the Middle East? Well, it can't be for any of these reasons... None of these things are happening! If anything, our presence in Iraq is only contributing to further anger, strife, and violence. Oh, and this has been a perfect "opportunity" for al-Qaeda to recruit new potential terrorists... "Look at those American infidels, they're trying to conquer us! They're an evil empire, and we must resist..."

If we really want to reach out to the Muslim world, and give them a reason to trust us and be our friends, we must change course... We need to get out of Iraq soon! I just hope that Nancy Pelosi was telling us the truth when she said that finding an exit strategy from Iraq would be a priority in the new Congress. This current "stay the course" isn't working for the American people, and it sure as hell isn't working for the Iraqi people!

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