Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Thoughts on Abortion, And Being "Pro-life"

"There are some Chruch doctrines that one cannot disagree with without placing oneself outside the Church -- and that direct abortion is the extinguishing of an innocent unborn life is one of those... Ensuring access to affordable healthcare isn't."
- A Prominent Local Blogger

I'm sorry, but I (and many of my Christian friends and family) would beg to differ!

Personally, I feel that Democrats like Lou Correa (my next State Senator!) and Bob Casey (running for US Senate in PA!) show a genuine "pro-life" sentiment that we usually don't see:
They care about mothers before they give birth, as well as after!

Now how can one call him/herself "pro-life", and then cut funding for the Healthy Families program, which provides affordable health insurance to thousands of children in low-income families?

How can one call oneself "pro-life", and then refuse to work to REDUCE THE NUMBER OF ABORTIONS by providing comprehensive sex education in the classroom and in the community, as well as LIMIT THE AVAILABILITY OF CONTRACEPTION... Even outlawing the morning-after pill from being available over-the-counter?

How can one call oneself "pro-life", and limit these kids' future opportunities by cutting Pell Grants, Cal Grants, and other financial aid programs to send these future students to college?

I'm sorry, but I don't understand how these folks can call themselves "pro-life", and stop caring about the lives of women and children after these children are born?

My dad understands this. He's pro-life, and he cares about these kids after they're born as well.

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