Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tan's Trying to Spin It Away

Okay, so here's what Tan Nguyen is saying regarding this incident:

In Tan's own words, here is how he's trying to talk hisway out of total political oblivion:

1. "There was no crime committed."

2. "Someone with the campaign had a copy of the letter [to registered Latino voters] in English... It said that if you're an illegal alien or a resident alien, that you're not allowed to vote... When they translated it into Spanish, they just used 'inmigrado'."

3. Latinos still understand that "inmigrado means an illegal alien or a resident alien who's not a citizen."

4. "All the Democrats, as well as Scott Baugh, the Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, made a rush to judgment... So why is there an investigation?"

5. "I am innocent... There is no way in hell I am quitting."


Anonymous said...

Go Tan go. The "LEFT" wing is crumbling, they took there shot and now are running away with their tail btw there legs. You got my Vote.

Andrew said...


You can't even spell, or for that matter put together a legible sentence, and you expect me to take you seriously?