Monday, October 23, 2006

Rohrabacher-Brandt Debate: The Beginning

Question #1: Education

Rohrabacher- He repeated that education is a local issue, and that the federal government should have no involvement in this. Also, he stated that “education money should not be spent to educate people who are here illegally”... He tried to tie this to "illegal immigration", and said that the US should no longer offer student visas to "students from China who are from a potential enemy country".

Brandt- He tried to tie this to his energy plan. According to Jim, “Energy’s the most important thing affecting us now… If we don’t become fossil fuel-independent by 2020, we’ll have a major problem.” He said that we need a new “Apollo” program, which would sponsor high-performing math and science students to go to college, and be trained to become researchers developing new technology that will bring America into the 21st century. He alsosugested that we get rid of the "No Child Left Behind" Act, because teachers are now having to teach for standardized tests instead of the real world. According to Jim, “We need folks who know how to fit things together. We need to get back to the essay exams. We need to get back to teachers who teach.”


fvjoanne said...

It is so obvious that Jim Brandt is thinking about solutions to the problems facing us instead of ignoring or denying the real problems we face. All that Dana Rohrbacher offers us is more of the same misinformation about global warming. He remains uninformed by relies on the pat Republican solution. To do NOTHING!

Andrew said...

Definitely, joanne! Dana would rather talk about his crazy views on immigration than try to find any meaningful solutions to issues (including immigration). Oh, and what was he saying about global warming? Oh, that "we don't know if it's manmade"... And then we went off on a bizarre tangent about Brandt and "the liberals wanting to put us all on public transportation."

Dana illustrated very well why we need Jim Brandt in the 46th. : )