Wednesday, October 25, 2006

SD 34 ALERT: Watch out for this in your mailbox!

Here's the text of the letter:

Dear Fellow Democrat,

We are loyal Democrats who usually vote the party line, but Lynn Daucher has done so much for working families that she has earned our support.

Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher is a former school teacher who built bipartisan support to bring more dollars into Orange County schools.

She's a cancer survivor who was the only Republican who voted for a landmark law that will reduce the cost of prescription drugs by 40-60% for 5 million Californians.

She worked to put her husband through law school and knows what it is like to make ends meet. That's why she bucked party leaders to help enact an increase in the minimum wage.

And its [sic] why Lynn has worked to reduce the cost of housing so that people wanting a starter home and senior citizens wanting a home to retire in can find an affordable place to buy and call home.

Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher will never forget her working class roots.

That's why she works hard for working people and is our choice for State Senate.


Lorri Galloway
Anaheim City Councilmember

Barbara Quintana
Magnolia School District Trustee

Mary Fuhrman
Buena Park Elementary
School District Trustee

Barbara Michel
Buena Park Elementary
School District Trustee


Yes, Lynn voted for Arnold's precription drug bill.

Yes, Lynn voted for Arnold's minimum wage bill.


Lynn Daucher voted AGAINST requiring large employers (10,000+ employees) to spend between six percent and eight percent of its total wages, as specified, on employee health insurance costs, or pay a specified amount to the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) for deposit into the California Fair Share Health Care Fund. (SB 1414- 08/30/06)

Lynn Daucher voted AGAINST requiring the Department of Social Services (DSS) to establish categorical eligibility for food stamp benefits for Medi-Cal recipients who are eligible for services funded by the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant. This bill would have improved access to food stamps and school meals through the "categorical eligibility" mechanism. (AB 2205- 05/31/06)

Lynn Daucher voted AGAINST the landmark Global Warming Bill. This first-in-the-nation bill will take the next step needed to coordinate emission reductions of greenhouse gases and climate change activity in California. AB 32 will establish a program to log current greenhouse gas emissions in our state and set a limit/cap on those who are contributing emissions, in order to begin to reduce these emissions that are a major contributor to global warming down to 1990 levels by the year 2020. (AB 32- 08/31/06)

In 2005, Lynn Daucher got a 7% rating from the CA AFL-CIO. She only voted 7% of the time for interests of working class Californians.

In 2005, Lynn Daucher got a 44% rating from the California Association of Retired Americans. She voted less than half the time for interests of senior citizens.

In 2005, Lynn Daucher got a 20% rating from the California Sierra Club. She voted four out of five times against protecting our natural resources.

However in 2005, Lynn Daucher got a 72% rating from the California Republican Assembly. She voted about seven out of ten times with the radical right wing interests.

Should we Democrats REALLY trust Lynn Daucher to represent our interests in Sacramento? Let your friends know about this very misleading mailer.

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