Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Anaheim: What is DINO Lorri Galloway Doing Accepting Dalati into the Democratic Party?

This just in...
Bill Dalati, the Muslim American who was deemed an "extremist" by his own Republican Party, will now reregister as a Democrat...
And DINO Lorri Galloway, the Anaheim Councilmember who turned her back on the Democratic Party to endorse REPUBLICAN Lynn Daucher, will be going with him tomorrow??!!

Here's the official DPOC statement below:


County Democratic Chair Frank Barbaro and Anaheim City Councilmembers Richard Chavez and Lori Galloway to Welcome Dalati to Democratic Party


Bill Dalati, Candidate for Anaheim City Council
Frank Barbaro, Chair, Democratic Party of Orange County
Richard Chavez, Councilmember, City of Anaheim
Lori Galloway, Councilmember, City of Anaheim
Other community and religious leaders

In reaction to religious intolerance exhibited by the Republican Party, Dalati will be turning in a new registration form and becoming a Democrat this Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006
10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

Orange County Registrar of Voters, front steps
1300 Building C
South Grand Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92705

In September of this year, former State Republican Party Chair Shawn Steel made national news by characterizing Republican candidate for Anaheim City Council Bill Dalati as an Islamic extremist because he is an Arab of Syrian birth and a Muslim. As Democrats in Orange County, we are proud to welcome Bill Dalati to our Party.

What's wrong with this picture? Well, Dalati had to endure the worst of the bigotry of the GOP machine. He was shamelessly depicted as a "terrorist sympathizer". GOP leaders, such as Shawn Steel, tried to distract attention away from local Anaheim issues in order to scare Anaheim voters with "Muslim extremism", not unlike GOP attempts to nationalize local elections in Costa Mesa, Orange, and Escondido over immigration. Basically, the GOP tried to make a big issue over Dalati's faith and ehtnic heritage, but in the end this sleazy attempt backfired in their faces.

But where was Lorri Galloway while the GOP was demonizing Bill Dalati over his Muslim faith? Oh, that's right... She was busy UNDERMINING DEMOCRAT LOU CORREA'S CAMPAIGN for State Senate by overtly aiding REPUBLICAN LYNN DAUCHER. She helped the Daucher Campaign spread the outrageous charge that Lou Correa doesn't care about kids. She mischaracterized Lynn Daucher's voting record in the Assembly as one that supported working families, when in reality Lynn Daucher has voted consistently AGAINST WORKING FAMILIES while in Sacramento. Basically, Lorri Galloway has been working hard over the last couple of months to undermine Democratic efforts to hold onto our State Senate seat in Central Orange County... And now SHE wants to welcome Bill Dalati into the Democratic Party??!!

OH, PUH-LEEESE! I'll be more than happy to accept Bill Dalati into our Democratic Party. He's proved his commitment to working families in Anaheim...
But Lorri Galloway? Perhaps she can join Carlos Bustamante, Barbara Quintana, and others in forming the Orange County chapter of the CONNECTICUT FOR LIEBERMAN PARTY!

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Karen said...

I am very proud of you Andrew.
You would make any Mother proud!
I am a police officers wife and Lori Galoway underminds the very core of what my husband puts his life on the line for everyday.
She turned her back on her party and her core beliefs. I am wondering why she endorsed anyone at all if she had such a problem with Lou.
Lynn is down right evil!