Wednesday, October 18, 2006

UPDATE: OC Hate Mail Incident Becoming Huge Stinker

OMG, this is getting big!
The New York Times piece:
AP Wire:
My friends at Orange Juice and The Liberal OC (for all the latest local buzz on this developing story):

Yesterday, all the blogs let you know what was happening with these horrifying pieces of "hate mail" sent to Latino voters in the Orange County cities of Garden Grove and Anaheim. Today, this story is now on the AP Wire, which means this has been sent to numerous newspapers throughout the country. Also, the New York Times has a story on this emerging scandal in today's paper. Unfortunately our local paper, The Register, doesn't seem to have a story on this incident in the paper... All I see is a post on their blog from yesterday. Nonetheless, this "Hate Mail Incident" is clearly becoming the biggest scandal to rock Orange County since... Well, since the OC GOP paid canvassers to ILLEGALLY SWITCH voters' registration to Republican starting about a year ago.
So now for the latest that I've seen on this developing story:

- Lynn Daucher, the Republican Senate candidate in SD-34, has now officially condemned the letter. ( )

- Barbara Coe, President of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, denies that her group had anything to do with this letter. Apparently, the letter was written on CCIR letterhead... Hmmm... If this is true, then the perpetraitor could face an additional fraud charge. (See AP Wire)

- Governor Arnold at least has the good sense to call this what it is: A HATE CRIME! And now, he's urging AG Lockyer to prosecute the perpetraitor with just that. (See NY Times)

- The OC Democratic Party is standing up to this nasty intimidation, and is offering a training session on Saturday for attornies, candidates, and community activists, to make sure that ALL VOTES are counted here this November. ( )

- My Congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez, on the incident: "Santa Ana and Anaheim are the new Ellis Island of the United States... New people are becoming citizens every day, and who knows the sophistication level when they get a letter like this?”

I'll try to keep you updated as I find out more about this.
- Andrew Davey
Concerned OC Voter

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