Sunday, October 15, 2006

CYD Walk for Lou Correa

The California Young Democrats and the Young Democrats of America are using an innovative new tool to reach out to young voters! With the Peer-to-Peer program, young people talk to fellow young people about the importance of voting in the next election. We can relate to our fellow young voters in ways that mailers and slick TV ads never can!

I'm sure you heard that young voters (age 18-30) were the ONLY age demographic group that broke for John Kerry (nationally) in 2004. If more young people voted, we'd have a Democratic White House today! This is why it's crucial that we turn out young voters in Orange County this year for Phil Angelides for Governor and Lou Correa for State Senate. WE CAN BE THE MARGIN OF VICTORY in this critical race!

Please join us on Saturday as we get out and walk for Democrat Lou Correa in SD 34. This is the closest race in California right now, and the Republicans are dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars here to turn the area "red" again. Now if the Republicans succeed here, they won't stop with our Senate District. They'll knock off our Assembly seat... And ultimately, they will go after my great Congresswoman, Loretta Sanchez (D), once again! Now I know that if we work together, we can keep central Orange County blue... That's why I'm asking for your help this weekend!

If you are interested in being the margin of victory, please contact the Young Democrat Alliance 2006 campaign office at (714) 277-4499 or email

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