Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Take on Foley-gate

Foley's another embarrassing closet case... And he now wants sympathy from us!
Now I won't try to speak for HRC and the "so-called homosexual agenda", but I am simply disgusted by him! He did nothing to help us when we needed it, and now he's only hurting us by reinforcing the "all gay men are child molesters" stereotype. He's embarrassing, and is not a part of our fine community! Foley has done nothing for our community... If anything, he's helped prop up the party that continually uses us as a "wedge issue" and a "scare tactic".
And now, he wants our help and sympathy?! HELL, NO!

He could have come out of the closet earlier! He could have sought treatment of whatever the hell the has before he started hunting after teenage pages. Many people seek help after being abused, and end up living happy and fulfilling lives. Foley could have sought professional help if he were truly abused in his past, but instead he turned to a life of preying after other young boys. Most importantly, he could have come out of his closet! Many of us do, and have never regretted it since. In fact, quite a few openly queer people are now serving their communities as elected officials. Foley never did that... Instead, he allowed the GOP leadership to keep him in the closet, and then hid behind his "Maf54" screen name to prey after minors. This is simply disgusting.

But he didn't do any of this!
And he gets no sympathy from me!
And he shouldn't get ANY SYMPATHY from any of us in the LGBT community!
He never stood with us... And now knowing all that he's a sexual predator, I don't think we would've ever wanted him standing with us!...
But anyways, we shouldn't feel obligated to stand with this sorry soul.

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