Tuesday, October 31, 2006

SD 34 Update: Republicans for Lou? Or Otto Bade?

First off, the Lou Correa campaign recently sent registered Republicans a letter signed by several prominent GOPers in Central County...
Including Dave Shawver, a Stanton City Councilmember who ran against John Moorlach for the OC Supervisor seat being vacated by Jim Silva.

Here's an excerpt from the letter, courtesy of Mike Lawson at The Liberal OC:

Although we’re all registered Republicans, none of us are voting for “Republican” Lynn Daucher for State Senate.

Lynn Daucher isn’t even from our area. She just moved here from up North and rented a place so she could run for office.

And, frankly, she’s not like us at all.

Hmmm... So the residency issue is coming back to haunt Lynn, after all!
Also, this mailing includes a letter that Lynn sent to the Legislature while she was Mayor of Brea, asking them to keep the VEHICLE LICENSE FEE...
You know, the "Evil Car Tax" that Ahhnuld the Governator would later run against.

Yes, so this is Lou's response to the "Democrats for Daucher" mailer that Lynn's campaign recently mailed to me... Hmmm, interesting...


Yes, failed GOP Assembly Candidate Otto Bade is back! After he tried to pull an upset against the very well-funded Tom Umberg in 2004, he is now acting as a Wild Card by qualifying as an Official Write-in Candidate in the highly competitive SD 34 race. Apparently, Bade thinks that the 34th should be represented by a Latino. Also, there are rumors that he's teamed up with the Republican who ran against Lynn Daucher in the open primary in the 72nd AD in 2000.

And now to make this new development even more interesting, the Independent Expenditure group "Californians United" is sending out mailers to Republicans in the 34th Senate District, asking them to support "true conservative" Otto Bade instead of "liberal Republican" Lynn Daucher. Though Otto Bade has no real chance at winning, apparently his campaign is being used by a few Sacramento Democrats to spoil Lynn's chances at winning next week.

Whew! This race has been one wild ride all year...
And now Otto Bade, "Democrats for Daucher", and "Republicans for Correa" seem to be adding more intrigue (and a bit of confusion) into one of the top competitive races in California.

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