Sunday, October 22, 2006

BS from Tan's lawyer

From left: Bill Braniff, Attorney for Tan Nguyen for Congress campaign; Tan Nguyen, the candidate; David Weichert, Tan Nguyen's personal criminal defense attorney

Mr. Braniff, who has now volunteered to represent the campaign, is claiming that the campaign engaged in a legal activity by sending out the now-infamous "Immigrants can't vote" letter. He claimed that Tan did not personally approve of the letter, yet he never explained how the campaign had obtained an English version of the letter. He also never let us know who exactly was behind the letter.

If you ask me, I'm not buying any of Tan's bullshit!


Anonymous said...

"Right on Tan" We back you 100% It's time for a breath of fresh air in the District.

Anonymous said...

BS from Tan's lawyer??? Look at you little boy...your website is full of BUSLLSHIT..