Monday, October 30, 2006

So Who's the REAL Nancy Pelosi?

Today, THREE newspapers have THREE interesting profiles of ONE WOMAN who could very well be the next Speaker of the House:

NANCY PELOSI (D-San Francisco)

According to The New York Times, Rep. Pelosi is a fairly frigid, usually scripted, "liberal elitist".

According to the Los Angeles Times, Pelosi is a "mainstream liberal" who angers many of her San Francisco constituents by not being progressive enough.

According to The Guardian of London, she is a tough-minded party leader who has brought discipline back to the House Democrats.

Of all the three, The Guardian's story cast the most favorable light on Pelosi... And certainly The New York Times piece cast her in an unfavorable light...
In fact, we were complaining about the (NY) Times story on Daily Kos this morning.

Check out the articles for yourself, and let me know what YOU THINK about Pelosi, her leadership of the House Democrats, and whether or not you think the media's treating her unfairly.

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